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Chapter Snippets of the Book of Job
Retazos de capítulos del Libro de Job

March 19, 2016:  Handling the Word of God
March 1, 2016:  Do You Depend on God for Anything? (Everything?)
February 24, 2016:  Why Devote Ourselves Completely
February 9, 2016:  To Say One is a Christian
January 22, 2016:  How Many Brands of Christianity Are There?
January 15, 2016:  What Are You Believing For?
January 13, 2016:  Favor
January 4, 2016:  From Blindness to Seeing, Part 2
December 19, 2015:  Safe in the Lord
December 9, 2015:  From Blindness to Seeing
November 25, 2015:  What Hinders Our Way?
November 4, 2015:  First Things
October 30, 2015:  Hearing What God Says
October 20, 2015:  Not Hearing Man
October 14, 2015:  Hearing the Word

Links:  Helpline, radio and TV archives, audio teachings, ministry materials.  News magazine that believes in a God who tells the truth and wants to do the same.  Focus on the Family reviews movies, TV shows, and books for parents.  an extensive news digest.

Our home school report cards:
    3rd grade
    4th grade
    5th grade
    6th grade
    middle school
    9th grade
    10th grade
    11th grade
    12th grade
    High school transcript (PDF)
    High school textbooks

My inside story at a public school:
    What goes on there
    The stress it brings
    The spiritual challenge

Original Spanish dictionary arranged into 58 Scattergories categories:
    Spanish/English arrangement in categories
    English/Spanish arrangement in categories
    Spanish/English alphabetically
    English/Spanish alphabetically

Original Bible study outlines (English, Spanish)

Original book reviews

Poems by M. L. Dart:  Publishing her poems became my mother-in-law's raison d'être towards the end of her life.  When she was 91 the Lord graciously opened her heart so she attended to the things of God (Acts 16:14).  Somehow what had seemed so important before, paled in comparison.  But taken in that light, these 168 poems, bear record of her gifted ability.

Last month, January 2022, eleven years after the previous paragraph was written, we came across two more poems, one enclosed with a letter, which I've added at the end.

If you like, you may .
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